We Must Get Him

July 10, 2009



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The story begins with a wild canoe trip in Northern Quebec on the Dumoine River. The protagonist (unnamed at the moment) is a certified canoe instructor and he ends up salvaging bodies of two friends who are shredded up atop the rocks mid-stream. Paddling two dead bodies and equipment back down the wild Dumoine River, a river that boasts the most horrendous and near impassible portages this side of the Amazon River delta.
The abject horror of that canoe massacre never let the protagonist’s head. The very day he returned, alive, into civilization, he quit his job (which he hated anyway), left his slut of a wife and two kids who never gave him the time of day because “he was not their REAL father”, never to return.
…THREE YEARS LATER (after being lost afloat in the sea of life)

Dried out from drugs and alcohol in one of the largest rehab joints in the country, our protagonist started a whole new life, and outlook. His hobby was and always is his computer and the Internet. He now volunteers as a computer instructor for seniors and he has a Tech Column he writes for monthly. He also recently help setup the first MAC computer group in Port Huron, Michigan USA. He has always loved tinkering on the Internet, getting “FREE STUFF” for the seniors.

One day he was approached by Detective (no name yet) from the provincial police computer forensics division. This Detective needed our protagonist for a mission that was not above board, legally speaking, but it was the only way to catch this man who was kidnapping small boys and girls for porn movies then decapitating them before burying them in a mass grave just outside of town.
The only way to catch the “bastard” was online and through the bastard’s own computer system. The police were always two steps behind this guy as he could cover his tracks so that nobody could reveal his real identity…Well almost nobody.

This killer better watch his ass now!


A Plot Idea and a good one!

June 21, 2009

Trish Phelan at 11:04pm June 20
i am looking for someone to do the perfect murder – and for the reader to be in total support of the killer because the person murdered was an absolute bastard – it would create a moral dilemma

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A Novel Idea

June 21, 2009

With a lot of “help from my friends”, I plan on writing a novel right here within the confines of this blog.

The idea is not new but effective.

I put out a draft section, be in a chapter, introducing a new character, changing a direction of a plot in a scene, or whatever comes to mind and print.

The idea is that the readers discuss the characters, the scenes, the motives, and anything else that comes to mind.

Thus we work together, sharing ideas.

Let me know your thoughts on this one?


Hello world!

June 21, 2009

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